About ISA 2007

Conference Information

The objectives of the conference were

  1. To share and exchange the updates, findings and progress of seabuckthorn research
  2. To promote new knowledge about the function of seabuckthorn
  3. To show new technologies of high quality seabuckthorn products
  4. To develop long term strategies and partnership for scientific, as well as commercial cooperation on seabuckthorn

The Conference Committee thus developed a very interesting program that included:

  • Production:  Cultivation and Harvesting Practices; Breeding
  • Processing:  Technologies; Chemistry - Nutritional, Medicinal and Cosmetic
  • Product Development and Marketing; Uses of Seabuckthorn and Its Products

Keynote speakers for each of the themes opened the sessions and provided an overall view of the current and emerging activities in each area.  These sessions were designed to promote sharing and exchange of ideas, and collaborative research activities.  A poster session was also held to further promote new research activities on seabuckthorn and its derivatives.


PDF files of most of the Powerpoint presentations prepared by the speakers are available for your perusal.